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Bylaws Committee


The Bylaws are the governing authority of LFRW. They have the same authority that laws have in society.  The contents of any organization’s bylaws have an important bearing on (a) the rights and duties of members within the organization - whether present or absent from a meeting and (b) the degree to which the general membership retains or delegates control of the business of the organization. The LFRW Bylaws Committee reviews the Bylaws annually. It recommends revisions either for clarity, for needed modifications, or for changes required to be in harmony by any recent updates by National Federation of Republican Women.

Each Club in the federation is required to have its own set of Bylaws and to keep those in compliance with LFRW and NFRW Bylaws.

A new Club to the Federation must have 10 members and submit its bylaws for review to the Bylaws Committee. After review by the Bylaws Committee, the Bylaws are sent to the LFRW Executive Committee for either approval or recommended revisions. A sample set of club bylaws is available from NFRW to assist new clubs.

The LFRW Bylaws Chairman for 2015-2017 is  Karen Fandal karen,  Slidell RWC and the Vice Chair is Janice Areno,  RW Southwest Louisiana

To download a copy of the latest LFRW bylaws, go to the "Member Center" and select the "Bylaws - LFRW" category.

Click here - unitkit_bylaws.pdf for a copy of the sample club bylaws.

For more information please e-mail or call the LFRW office at either 985-400-1414.