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About LFRW

The Louisiana Federation was organized and became affiliated with the NFRW in 1953. Strengthening membership and recruiting new members are always top priorities. Today, LFRW is divided into 7 regions with 39 clubs.
Over the years, clubs have established effective grassroots organizations dedicated to recruiting and electing qualified Republican candidates. Members take an active role in campaigns at all levels and have developed innovative fundraising ideas to support community service projects and to provide special needs for our troops. LFRW is committed to education through club scholarships and the LFRW Ginny Martinez Scholarship. Members support an annual "My Favorite Teacher" award and a “Civics for Kids” Caring for America Award that won the Grand Prize at the National Convention of the National Federation of Republican Women the past year.  We have annual Days at the Legislature.  In the spring of 2009 100 members, sporting red jackets, attended and a sea of red let our Republican presence be known!
LFRW has trained many women activists.  President George W. Bush named one of our members, Pat Brister, as an Ambassador to the United Nations. One of our past Presidents, Jessie Morton, was elected at the Biennial Convention as the 4th Vice President of the Federation.  Our member Tonya Stiel was selected as the NFRW Membership Chair.  Our immediate past President, Suzanne Crow, has served on the Program Committee of the NFRW, and our present President, Argiro Morgan, has served on the NFRW Leadership, Fundraising, and Speaker’s Bureau Committees. The present National Republican Committee Woman, Ruth Ulrich, and the immediate past GOP National Committee Woman, Kay Katz, are LFRW members.  Another served as Chair of the National Chamber of Commerce - Moira Donahue. LFRW members also fill many positions on local and state boards.  Many of our members hold local, state, and political offices.  We are proud of the training and encouragement we have given to women leaders in Louisiana!
Though many challenges lie ahead as Louisiana continues to recover from the fury of three major hurricanes, LFRW members are up to the task. We firmly believe "Republican Women Make A Difference." We have committed ourselves to taking an active lobbying role in our state's legislative process by staying in close communication with all of our elected officials and weighing in on the critical decisions that will determine the future of our state.
LFRW is proud of the role we played in "painting our state red" for George W. Bush; in electing David Vitter, our first Republican senator since Reconstruction; for electing four out of six statewide Republicans to the Executive branch of Louisiana’s government, and for working to elect Governor Bobby Jindal, the youngest current governor in the United States.  We are eager to continue the important roles we play to keep Louisiana moving forward!


The Louisiana Federation of Republican Women is the largest volunteer women’s political organization in the state with 1800 + members and 39 local clubs statewide. Louisiana chartered with the National Federation of Republican Women in 1953. LFRW is a grassroots organization meeting regularly in local, regional, and statewide conferences and conventions. We develop and organize efforts and initiatives that promote, support, and preserve the conservative ideals and principles of the Republican Party at all levels of government. 



For more information please e-mail or call the LFRW office at either 985-400-1414.