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Fundraising Committee


(Committee Name changed 2017 LFRW By Laws)

     The LFRW Fundraising Chairman :

    The LFRW financially must support its own educational programs, scholarships, publications, technological outreach, political work, invited speakers and participation in national conventions.  Annual dues are insufficient to meet normal operating expenses.  Membership dues are usually kept at a minimum; so as not to prohibit anyone from participating. The Fundraising Committee helps raise the necessary funds to make the work of the LFRW possible.

        The Committee is consulted when the President and the Treasurer prepare the annual budget.  The Committee proposes creative ideas and presents these ideas to the LFRW Executive Committee for approval.  At least one fundraising event is held annually.  The Committee is in charge of every phase of the event - site arrangements, donations, invitations, speakers, publicity, entertainment, financial records and final reports to the LFRW Board. The Committee invites LFRW members from clubs nearby the site of the function and other volunteers to assist with the arrangements.



For more information please e-mail or call the LFRW office at either 985-400-1414.