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American Heritage Committee

The Chairman of the American Heritage Committee:

Pat Cabral , 2019-2021, RWC Baton Rouge

The American Heritage Committee’s purpose is to deepen our members’ knowledge of the history of our nation and their dedication to its ideals of freedom and opportunity. LFRW members are committed to building a citizenry that values our nation and its heritage of liberty, democratic government, opportunity, and civic engagement.

The Committee has a broad agenda - from encouraging our members to welcome newly naturalized citizens, to teaching young children the Pledge of Allegiance and the privilege of voting, to engaging in Constitution projects of various kinds, to presenting to an honored guest  a flag that has been flown over the U.S. Capitol.

The LFRW’s “Civics for Kids” Project won the NFRW Grand Prize at the 2009 NFRW National Convention in Orlando.  This project aims to instill in children and young adults an ardent love of country and insure knowledgeable future citizens.  We are justly proud of our “Civics for Kids” Project.


For more information please e-mail or call the LFRW office at either 985-400-1414.