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Magnolia Club Committee

  The Chair of the Magnolia Club Committee is : 

Debbie Kuehne

Magnolia Club is a Special Committee with no vote on LFRW Board

       The Magnolia Club is a group of LFRW patrons who give financial support to our organization.  Magnolia Club members provides funds to support a wide range of political and organizational programs insuring all of the endeavors of the Louisiana Federation of Republican Women are properly funded.

          Membership is open to anyone interested in supporting the LFRW.  Members of the Magnolia Club contribute $100 annually to the Federation.  The funds from the patrons of the Magnolia Club become part of the general fund and are used to promote the endeavors of the Federation.
       A special pin and a certificate are given to each member of the Magnolia Club.  They also are afforded special seating at luncheons and banquets at LFRW board meetings and biennial conventions.  Members are also invited to special events at LFRW board meetings or Biennial Conventions.  You can easily register, complete a downloaded enrollment form (found in Member Center in drop down box Magnolia Club or Forms),  and mail to LFRW PO Box 12728, New Iberia, La. 70562

        Magnolia Club patrons include LFRW members, Republican elected officials, and business, educational and civic leaders, regardless of gender or Party affiliation. 

Magnolia Club Form 2020 is in LFRW News on LFRW.ORG Website and in Member Center under Category/Forms    and Magnolia to read Reports.



For more information please e-mail or call the LFRW office at either 985-400-1414.