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Outreach to College Students Committee and Teenage Republicans

Committee Name Change to Outreach to College Students and Teen Republicans:

Chairman:   Tiffany Parker

For more information please e-mail:

The work of this Committee includes:

  • to support young conservatives on Louisiana college campuses

  • to make LFRW known to college students

  • to work with them to spread the Republican message and to enlist their help during elections

The Committee is charged with contacting the officers of the College Republicans on campuses around the state, distributing the names of these leaders to clubs nearby to their campuses so that LFRW clubs can aid them when needed.  The Committee will also publicize any event that the College Republicans are sponsoring, so that our members can assist them whenever needed. 

The Committee also encourages LFRW members to attend workshops or meetings of Republican college groups and seeks their help at LFRW meetings and projects.  The Committee should also encourage them to apply for scholarships, workshops or internships offered by conservative organizations, LFRW, NFRW, Congressional offices, or the RNC.

Chairman for TeenAge Republicans TARS):  Linda Vinansau  504-909-9927

The purpose of the Teenage Republicans Committee is to assist existing Teenage Republican clubs and/or provide resources and advice on starting a new club. While there is no state federation in Louisiana, the committee facilitates a statewide event for all of the state clubs.

The Committee publicizes any event that the Teenage Republicans are sponsoring and encourages LFRW members to assist them whenever needed.  The Committee also encourages LFRW members to seek the assistance and participation of Teenage Republicans in LFRW meetings, events, and projects. In the past, they have joined us in our annual Day at the Legislature event, participated in club ventures, and attended club general membership meetings

 TeenAge Republicans (TARS) is a political youth organization with national headquarters located in Manassas, Virginia. Clubs are organized on and off campus into school, home-schooled, parish and city clubs. The mission of the clubs is to provide support to the Republican Party and its candidates.

TARS members, across the United States, perform community service, develop leadership skills, gain first-hand knowledge of practical political processes, and support candidates and elected officials of the Republican Party.

The national office hosts the annual TARS Leadership Conference (TLC) for Teenage Republicans to meet members of Congress, to learn club and federation development, and to meet other Teenage Republicans from across the country. During TLC, national hosts its annual Awards Ceremony where members can apply for and win awards such as "Outstanding TAR In the Nation", "Outstanding TAR Club in the Nation", as well as various other awards. Our own Republican Teens of Slidell won the “Rising Star” award the first year they attended TLC.



For more information please e-mail or call the LFRW office at either 985-400-1414.