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Protocol Committee


(Name of Committee has been changed 2017 LFRW By Laws)

Sylvia Norton,  Chairman & member/PRW of Caddo   Term 2019-2021 

Vice Chairman 2019

Protocol is a code of political manners that reflects courtesy, consideration, respect, friendliness and the general rules of good manners for others.  By following these established procedures, the business of a meeting can be conducted smoothly and productively.

The Protocol Chair is responsible for overseeing the seating arrangements and flag placement at the LFRW Board Meetings and Convention.  The Protocol Chairman makes sure that the proper greeting is extended to any guest speakers and VIPs and that the introduction of the speaker is not unduly lengthy; yet respectful of his/her position and expertise.

The Protocol Chair is also charged with making place cards for the head table and places them on the head table at the LFRW Board Meetings and conventions in accordance with normal protocol.
The Protocol Chair also presents workshops at State Conferences or at Club Meetings when requested


For more information please e-mail or call the LFRW office at either 985-400-1414.