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Publicity Committee

 PUBLICITY   (Name of Committee changed in 2017 LFRW By Laws)

The Chairman of the Publicity Committee: 

Terri Hagan: , East Baton Rouge Parish RWC Term 2019-2021

Publicity Committee is a Standing Committee

The Chair of the Publicity Committee works to make the public aware of the projects, activities and events of LFRW.  She is the official LFRW photographer, prepares News Releases, maintains a file of articles and press release, and arranges whenever possible media interviews for LFRW Officers.  She also forwards publicity to the NFRW for their website.

The Chair of this Committee also works with all Club Presidents to make sure that the State Federation is aware of events around the state.  She obtains descriptions and photographs of all major events and projects from the Clubs and sees to it that each club gets the accolades it deserves on the LFRW Website and in local or state newspapers.


For more information please e-mail or call the LFRW office at either 985-400-1414.