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Technology Committee

LFRW Webmaster is Technology Chairman:The Chair of the Technology Committee  is Carita Wilson, Acadiana Republican Women Club,  who is LFRW.ORG, Term 2019-2021

The Technology Committee educates and trains our members in the use of technology to communicate with other members, with political leaders, with the media, and with users around the world.

The members of this committee prepares workshops to accomplish the following goals:

  • To get all our members on emails

  • To make sure that all members can navigate the NFRW website and the LFRW website

  • To train our members to use the worldwide web to find information and to understand the basic acronyms and words used in computer “lingo” (e.g. www. PDF files, blogs, downloading, scanning, img, etc.)

  • To know how to contact our state and national office holders

  • To be able to follow state legislation on the web site of the Louisiana Legislature

  • To go to conservative web sites for information

  • To understanding and use social networking sites (e.g. Face Book, Twitter, Linked-In, My Space, You Tube, etc.) and to be able to use cell phones to do so

As soon as these basic goals are accomplished, the Committee will plan and implement workshops on the following:

  • The design of flyers

  • Using photographs on web mail, getting video on Youtube, etc.

  • Images - free and purchasable

  • Basic word processing and worksheets

  • Newsletter creation


For more information please e-mail or call the LFRW office at either 985-400-1414.